A Few Days Away…


After the disappointment of the non-arrival of the new mo-ho, during our epic journey over England last time. We really needed a couple of days away in Vera. The past few days have been a dream, the sun is hot and skies are clear blue with little or no clouds. A tantalising taste of exactly what Summer should look and feel like as our days continue to roll out hot, bright and full of sunshine.

A couple of long lazy days at Pembrey CAMC Site was just the ticket. We met with our friends on site and all managed to pitch near to each other. Congregating on Pete and Claire’s pitch which had a big area out the back to BBQ and chat.

Great fun last night chatting and catching up with news. However, after two G&T’s, nothing to eat and the heat, I’m afraid the alcohol went to my head and I felt very tired all of a sudden…. Ha ha ha . There was nothing for it but to go to bed which is where we found ourselves at 8.30pm; oh dear we are such lightweights lately. I’m sure this is because I’ve been off the alcohol since January… I will say no more.

Waking up this morning to clear blue skies and sunshine again. Just another perfect day. We all met at 9am for a continental breakfast of Croissants, Pan au Chocolate and LM Med Bread….

Afterwhich we were ready for a bit of exercise and decided to go for a walk with the dogs to the viewpoint overlooking the Gower.

The exercise didn’t last long in the scorching heat and we were soon back on site. Mooching under the trees. How times change. I can remember sitting out in the sun all day, being a sun worshipper… now-a-days 30 mins is the limit before seeking shade…

BBQ tonight is on the cards so the boys went off to the shops to pick up supplies                         (via the pub). 🤣


Wild orchid

the pyramidal orchid, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Anacamptis of the family Orchidaceae
Bee Orchid
Anne with Miss Scamp

Happy days… Shall I text site and tell them we have contracted Pembreyitis and have been quarantined for 1 week? 🤣😉 perhaps that would be a bit unfair…..





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  1. Sarah griffin says:

    I bet the Wardens had trouble with the ‘St David’s Gang’
    It looks like you had a great time!
    Love Sarah x

  2. sharon says:

    Sarah, we were the height of courtesy… nothing too rowdy, befitting our ages… ok… so maybe a little boisterous… ha ha .. looking forward to seeing you both. Xxx

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