Another day at Newgale


Woke up this morning to another glorious day. Sun high in the sky with a few wispy clouds high above. A wonderful day to spend at Newgale in Vera. So we packed the van with a home made lasagne, some left over cooked chicken, threw the bags o’ bits in her and headed for Newgale stopping only at St David’s to pick up milk, water and fresh med bread… oh the joy of it.

Our Famous Med Bread … yummy

Arriving at our favourite spot overlooking the beach and parking sideways to take advantage of the marvellous view we settled in for the day.

Lifeguards busy at work on the ‘overcrowded beach’

After making the proverbial tea… (that’s proper English breakfast tea, none of that Earl Grey type or bush-tucker stuff… please forgive me if you love it, but yuck it’s awful)… sorry, I digress… We wander across the vast Sandy beach to the western end and find the rock-pools. I marvelled at the way the tides form perfect circles around the smooth rocks. Mike manages to get the Go-Pro working and tries to capture shrimps darting in and out of the seaweed. We watch as the anemones flicker about until they get spooked and become a ball of gelatinous mass again.


The wind is whipping up the sand and by the time we get near the end of the beach our legs have been sand blasted…. ouch… still I’d pay for exfoliating and here I can get it for free…. ha ha … oh I am paying for it in a week or so’s time when Pam and I go to Bluestone for a Girly Spa Break… but I’ll tell you about that when it happens…

Kite surfer cruising along the sand

We stroll back to Vera the wind is quite wild but warm, does absolutely nothing for hairstyles. But we have fun taking selfies as usual.

Bad hair day
Selfie moment

Back at the van we eat lunch whilst watching the world go past. The sun is at its highest now and the tide is at its lowest so, once again we venture out onto the sands, which again whip our legs and faces, there is a kite surfer racing across the beach, it’s exhilarating to watch. Not many surfer dudes though as the waves are non existent.

There will always be one or two to brave the wave

We paddle in the warm-ish sea, although I wouldn’t want to go swimming without a wetsuit but it’s great fun just to paddle and splash through the waters edge.

splishing and splashing around

More rock-pools ahead, and we notice that there are jellyfish the eastern end of the beach, all dead of course, but lying at the shoreline hundreds of what we have named jelly-tots… miniscule globules of transparent jellies… not sure if they are the babies or something entirely different.

more rock pools
Black Headed Gull

Back at the van, we put the lasagne in the oven. While it was cooking, I settle down to do some more crochet. I love the rhythmic wavy pattern of this blanket whilst listening to the swishing and whooshing of the waves down at the sea shore. We listen to Enya on Alexa and all is right with the world. Peace and harmony is restored (at least for the time being).

Sunset over Newgale
Vera enjoying the evening sun

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Great blog Sharon! What a way to spend your day off, the two of you.Great venue and good food,plus just the best weather!😎😎. Love the photos and your style of writing. Keep them coming! XX

  2. sharon says:

    Thanks Anne… miss you. Xx

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