Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men…

Tuesday 13th, should have known that things wouldn’t go according to plan. However, a few weeks ago, I noticed that The 2016 Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour was coming to Leicester on Tuesday 13th December. Great I thought, we’ll collect the boys after school (at 3pm) and go and see it then perhaps treat them to something to eat. I arranged the logistics with Chris and Laura (parents), and we looked forward to seeing it.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Chris saying that the whole school had gone to a pantomime in Coventry and they wouldn’t be back until 4pm. Oh well, we’ll go anyway, it’ll be a bit later but we should avoid most of the rush hour traffic.

We duly waited at the empty school gates (what did other parents know that we didn’t?), by this time it was 4:15pm and other parents started to arrive …. oooh the kids must be due to arrive back. At 4:30pm the first of the double decker coaches arrived with the children in the village. Nope, Harry wasn’t on that one, nor the next, nor the next… argh.. where was he? Finally at 4:50pm his little self came through the playground, saw us and his face lit up the school yard.. Bless him…

They needed to go into school to be signed in and then out again so this took another 15 minutes and by the time he came out to us in the playground it was past 5pm. We walked back to the car and discovered the whole of the village had come to standstill. What with the parents picking up their children in cars, cars parked at the side of the road and the huge coaches all vying for space in the one little street of the village it was chaos… no one was going anywhere.

We sat gloomily in the car all hopes of seeing the Coca Cola Truck disappearing into the soggy evening. There was no way we were going anywhere not even out of the parking space, it was gridlock.

Harry & Jack see Santa after all



Then the light bulb moment, Mike said we are right next to the Bull’s Head Pub why don’t we go in there and have a meal instead. So we all got to go into the pub and had fun after all and a nice meal. The boys were happy and we didn’t have to battle through the traffic.

Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men they say but the afternoon turned out well in the end. And hopefully the truck will be back next year.



The Elusive Christmas Coca Cola Truck


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