Woke up this morning and my wonderful Mike had served me a lovely cup of tea in bed. After opening my birthday cards and looking online (oh how times have changed!) to Facebook and smiled at the Good Wishes given by my friends. Thank you everyone.

We got ready to go to Falmouth and as normal on my birthday the heavens opened and it rained for the first time this holiday (typical) … never mind, we would still go.

We purchased tickets and caught the ferry across in the rain, although amazingly it was very very calm… hardly a ripple on the estuary.

We sailed past St Anthony Head and its iconic lighthouse which was featured in the UK version of Jim Henson’s “Fraggle Rock” (another film location then).

St Anthony Lighthouse – or Fraggle Rock Location

We wandered around Falmouth, at least  it had stopped raining, but was still pretty grey, in and out of shops. After a couple of hours of retail therapy we mooched back to the harbour and caught the little ferry back again.

We are meeting up with friends this evening and we are going out for a birthday meal… Happy birthday me.

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