Day at Eden

Biomes of the Eden Project

Sorry that I have been remiss in writing the blog but we’ve been pretty busy over the past couple of days. Going out during the day and either going out for meals or cooking and entertaining in the van.

The weather has changed, it has turned quite chilly with patches of rain. During the night it has rained heavily but by mid-morning the skies have cleared but pretty cold. According to the forecast it is going to stay cold and raw. So we are wrapping up now. What a difference from a week ago when we were living in T-shirts…

We haven’t been to the Eden Project for a few years and wanted to see how much had changed (if anything).  After having packed the van ready we drove through St Austell then out to Bugle, travelling down large modern double carriageway all the way. We reached the Eden Project and the attendant directed us to the coach park where we were able to park with no problems, it was also neatest to the entrance. Result….

After going through the entrance we moved out to the veranda where the story of the Eden Project was shown in tablets. Tim Smit first drew the project on a napkin in 1995 after he had previously restored the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Finally in 2001 the doors opened to the public for the first time. You can read more about the timeline here.

We meandered around the terraces through Wild Cornwall, down through the outside gardens. The giant Bee is still watching over the plants and flowers by the biomes. We obviously arrived after all the flowers have bloomed, but the autumn harvest was in full swing with colourful gourds, pumpkins and squashes displayed in rustic piles and baskets.

The Giant Bee watching over the Harvest

We were getting cold, and it was nearing lunch-time (who would guess!), so we decided to travel to warmer climes and entered the steamy heat of the rainforest biome. This is where we have noticed the most difference. We saw some Roul Roul birds which I renamed as mango birds due to their colour and shape.

The ‘Mango’ Birds aka Roul Roul Birds

Travelling onwards we were able to discard coats and once again walk around in T-shirts, horray!! One difference, was that we were able to look around the Malaysian house. In its garden there was an abundance of star fruit, bananas and lemon grass.

Further round the rainforest, we watched as they are completing the Rainforest Canopy Walkway (phase 1 already open), you will be able to trek across a rope bridge high above the tree tops in the biome and shelter from tropical rain storms made by the weather maker. It will open early 2017. So have to wait till we come back again another year.

We finished the tour around and then went through to the Mediterranean Biome and put back on our coats brrrr… The temperature in this biome is much lower than the rainforest so was quite a shock to the system for the first few minutes.

We headed for the Moorish courtyard with the sweet heady perfumes of herbs, jasmine, roses and lavender which are set against the stark white of walls and terracotta pots while decorative tile work adorn the floor and alcove. There we sat in the sunshine and eat our lunch.

We wandered around the rest of the biome enjoying the different regions, South Africa, South West Australia, Central Chile and California.

Outside we watched as someone flew above the park on the zip wire. We passed the WEEE Man which is a giant sculpture made of over 3 tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.


Outside The Core Building we saw  The Rising Tide  (sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor, which explore attitudes to climate change).

Inside we marvelled at The Seed (another sculpture at the epicentre of the building). We wound handles at the giant nutcracker machine and wrote with fridge magnet letters that we were at the Eden Project.


Having Fun with Fridge Magnet Letters




We need this spade back at site !!!
Bacchanalian Sculptures in the Vineyard




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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Enjoyed my tour around the Eden Project through your words! I especially like the renaming of those birds! Mango birds…..perfect for them. Hope you have warmed up now in Vera, following the plummeting temperatures. Much colder here too; so much so that I gave up on the shorts yesterday!! xx

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