Finally On the Trail of Poldark

Today saw the real start of the Poldark trail, we went to Holywell Bay (NT) and recognised Gull Rock which is a backdrop to lots of scenes in series 2. The sea was amazingly clear and turquoise blue as it crashed onto the shore.

We walked along the cliff top by MOD land and noticed old mine shafts hewn precariously into the cliff face.

Gull Rock at Holywell Bay

After a bit of lunch back at the van, we drove onwards to find St Agnes Head. Unfortunately, the roads got narrower and narrower and when we got to St Agnes village it was obvious there would be a lot of bad language and trouble trying to park Vera, however, we managed to follow a cement truck (thinking of course that if he could get through so could we…)… After a few scratches by low level branches we found ourselves level with a mine. Was this Wheal Grace or Wheal Leisure? (Poldark’s Mine) – No, but many scenes have been filmed on the cliff tops here. The mines are at St Agnes Head and quite spooky, walking along the paths one can imagine the men treading the same paths to work down the mines.

We walked from Chapelporth Bay (NT), and the cliff top walk was spectacular with the booming of the water thundering against the rocks. It is no wonder that caves fall and cliffs tumble into the seas.

Another lovely day with unexpected views.

Wheal Grace?
Old Mine – St Agnes Head
Inside the Mine




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