Friends, Fun and Days Out

Barfundle Bay

We’ve had a wonderful colourful couple of weeks here at St David’s. The weather has settled and we have had some gorgeous days, amazingly without any or much wind, which is quite unusual for this area.

The boats have started again and we are booking people onto them direct from site and the buses are running past the site, with added benefit of coming back up the hill from Whitesands and stopping outside the site on its way to the city, so we have 2 chances per hour to catch the little Celtic Coaster. Andy is driving for them again this year and has welcomed us back.  It will be very difficult for us to leave here for good.

A couple of weeks ago it was our good friends Wedding Anniversary. I thought it was about time that I made an effort and cook a meal for us all. It had been quite a quiet week and there wasn’t too many members on site. So we arranged for 8 of us to eat in the awning as we couldn’t go down The Bishops Pub to celebrate their anniversary.

We decorated the awning, threw decorously across the table the celebration confetti and bought a helium Happy Anniversary Balloon. The lights twinkled and the guests arrived. They were delighted with the effect and thought we had really done them proud. Yes, I know there is a bottle of water on the table but the wine was cooling and a few bottles were consumed by the end of the evening. lol.

I made,  with the help of photoshop some menus for the evening which we had printed on sparkly card and tied with raffia with name tags so all proper and everyone in their right places, boy, girl, boy. girl, etc.

“The Awning Restaurant” is full
Guest of honour place setting

We had fun that evening in the newly named “Awning Restaurant” and when I put photos on our Facebook page I was asked if the restaurant would be open again in the year. …. Once again, Happy Anniversary Anne & Tony, congratulations from us all.

Gearing up for Easter means that the whole site is open and ready for arrivals, we are full to capacity this year again, and hopefully the weather will be kind. We have about 50-60 children on so have devised an Easter Egg Hunt for them around the site, they have to find answers to the clues set and find the animals around the site. We have around 40 Easter Eggs to hand out so hopefully it will be a success again, otherwise the diet will be going to pot again. It doesn’t take a lot…..

I have made for Easter a Cream Egg Cheesecake, I will put photos and the recipe here when it is finished as I made it this morning and have to decorate it once it is set.

Yesterday we had our day off and went with John and Pam to Stackpole Estate. They have never been, and we thought it would be another place to introduce them to. The forecast wasn’t too good but in the end we had a super day with lots of sunshine and warm weather. The gorse is amazing, almost so intense it almost hurt your eyes. The sea was aqua marine in colour and the sky blue. Lots of people were down at Barafundle Bay which is the most glorious beach. Barafundle Bay and Broad Haven were used as film sets for Snow White and the Huntsman and also the scene where Dobie died in Harry Potter. We walked along the top of the coast and over the hills to Bosherton Lakes, this is where you will see the water lilies during the summer months, they were trying to get to the surface but many are not there yet. You will see otter here too in the summer poking their heads up through the lilies. A wonderful sight to see. We had a brilliant day at Stackpole and ended it at the usual haunt of The Bishops Pub in St Davids where they have brought out their new summer menu. Yippee, Wild Boar Burger and other favourites such as Moules are on the menu again… Wahoo….

Here are some photos of yesterday.

Pam and John enjoying the sunshine at Bosherton Lakes
Walking over the bridge at Bosherton
Above Barafundle Bay
Broad Haven Beach
Eight Arch Bridge at Stackpole Estate

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter. Lots of chocolates and don’t forget there are No Calories in Chocolate at Easter time….   lol xxxx




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