Girlie Spa Day

Well, it was finally here, Pam and I had promised ourselves a wonderful indulgent 24 hours being pampered and having a girlie fest. …  well, the day had finally arrived and I managed to pull rank and got off doing the toilet block, promising to make it up to my colleagues, with bribes of home-made chocolate cake for afternoon tea when I got back…

So I picked up Pam and we headed to Bluestone, only stopping at Haverfordwest to pick up provisions of strawberries, raspberries (for soaking in the prosecco) and some late night snackie bits. Now finally on the way, it took only an hour to get there.

From check-in at reception we knew we were going to love it here. The guys on reception were jolly and friendly and very informative. We were in studio 14 which was in the heart of the village.

colourful village
Delightful flower displays

The village reminded us of Portmeirion (Do you remember the Prisoner series and the village), with all the coloured houses, there was tubs of flowers blooming everywhere. From our window we could see the whole village square.

Cuppa anyone?

We went for coffee, well Pam had a coffee, but I noticed they had ice cream milk shakes on sale, for which I am a sucker. I’m on holiday after all… and there are no calories when you’re away anyway…. aren’t there? After we had finished the bijou snacket we decided to explore. We wandered around the lake and laughed at the mother and her teeny tiny ducklings. Pam tried to feed them from her hand, problem was she didn’t have any bread to feed them with so they sussed that out pretty quick.

mother and her ducklings
The Lake

The water-lilies were just coming out on the lake and looked lovely, trouble was the bitey midgey flying things were plentiful around the water so we didn’t linger too long.

We were able to check in to the studio at 2pm, and discovered a room that was very clean, modern with purple walls and extraordinarily high ceiling, the twin beds were dressed with white plumpy pillows and duvets. There was an area for relaxing with a faux leather sofa and TV. There was tea and coffee facilities and a great bathroom. Everything put away, we managed to collapse on the sofa for a cup of tea before we were due at the Well Spa.

At 4pm we ambled across the road to the Spa and was again greeted with friendly faces. After changing into our swimming costumes, we were taken to the outside Jacuzzi and pool. We quickly relaxed and laid in the bubbly spa watching the clouds drift by above. We sampled the variety of spa rooms,  such as the thermal spa, the marine spa, the herbal spa, the salt cave, the ice room and the various shower pods.

Soon it was time for our Celtic Combo treatments which comprised of a back and shoulder massage and full facial. and we went our separate ways into different treatment rooms. Sophie A found the knots in the back of my neck and worked her magic on them, although it was painful in a good way cos I could feel the tension slipping away (It felt weird to hear the pops of the gas). I nearly fell asleep at one point I was so relaxed. I hope that Pam felt the same. Next came the facial, first I was cleansed and the pummelled and then a mask was applied and removed, then finally the hydrated creams applied. Yes, we came out of the treatment rooms, relaxed and looking healthy.

Studio 14
Not Too Busy for Prosecco..

We went back to the studio with an hour to get ready for going out to the Oak Tree Restaurant. Now when two girl friends are together and only have an hour to get ready for going out you know that its not a long time, so after searching through the wardrobe I had decided to wear one of Pam’s dresses instead of the clothes I had brought with me. he he he… Well the time had flown past and we were busy repairing make up on and doing our hair, but not too busy for prosecco of course (no, not busy at all).

Ready to go out

We went to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal of a sharing platter to start with; followed by Crab, Prawn and Chilli Linguini; a couple of glasses of wine and finished the evening with coffee. We chatted, laughed all evening, what a wonderful time we had.

The road home…
Night time in the village

Back at the studio, we had imagined that we’d make a night of it; we would chat and eat midnight snacks, we would talk into the wee small hours, … what happened however, was we cleaned our teeth, washed off the make up and got into bed and fell fast asleep within minutes. So much for the all night party….

end of the night

Next morning we woke around 8.30am and made coffee and we ate croissants. We had to be out of the apartment by 10am, which we managed to do, packing up the car with enough bags to survive a week rather than the one night.

Pam and I on the final bus

Bluestone allows the visitors to stay on the park until 3pm the day of leaving, so we made our way back up the interminable hill, steep is not the word. Which is why there are lots of buggies around for hire. We would consider it next time. But for now, it would be the free lotto train so this was our mode of transport.

Chance to phone home – outside Blue Lagoon

As we went into the Blue Lagoon the steamy heat hit us and we knew there was only one way forward, directly into the pool. We laughed and giggled as we jumped over the fountains and sprays. We let the lazy river take us around, outside under the cascades and relaxed in the shelter of the lagoon pools. We lazed in the outside Jacuzzi and then waited until the 2nd boom of the horn which indicated the wave machine was about to start. Diving and splashing about we had so much fun. I desperately wanted to go on the flumes (not for Pam though), so I climbed to the top of the dome and went down again and again, releasing my inner child.  We eventually got out the pool 3 hours later, fully revived and fully wrinkled. …

Next it was time for lunch. We had been told of Camp Smokey which is located in the woods. Gotta go there… all for research of course.

We went back down towards the lake and saw sign posts for Camp Smokey. We walked through the dappled glades and finally arrived at the wooden hut which would supply lunch. Outside the kids were climbing and abseiling down huge trees (I wouldn’t be doing that I’m afraid) but it was great fun watching the kids doing it and their parents feeling proud.

Diet lunch

We ordered a pulled chicken burger and pulled pork burger, my gosh they were delicious, with new minted potatoes and salad. We ordered diet coke as a homage to the diets, but then noticed that children were running back and forth with marshmallows. What did they do with them? We read then that there was a fire pit round the side where you could roast them. Oh well, no way would we leave without the experience.

toasting marshmallows
Getting down with the kids

All I can say is we had to have more S’mores ….

watching the kids abseiling

We laughed and played and had so much fun over the 24 hours it seemed that we’d been away for a week. But it had gone so quickly so as the day was finally over we left Bluestone with wonderful memories made and promises to ourselves that we would be back one day.

Dappled Light
Tree House I fell in love with….
Pam’s adopted Tree House
My Fave Photo in the Giants Seat
Pam and the Giant Seat
Buggies to hire
Two friends after 24 hours… shattered





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  1. Dave and Sarah Griffin says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!
    We are so pleased that you had such a fab time. You certainly know how to spend your days off.
    Another great article.
    Love to all
    Dave and Sarah

  2. Anne Hardy says:

    Another great blog QB! So pleased you both had a relaxing,fun-filled little break. Very witty description, and well illustrated with lots of pics. Keep them coming!! Xx

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