Jamming Again..

Friday at 4pm – 6pm is now a jammin’ session  (no ‘G’) in the bar and as usual we go down to support and join in the fun (and have a few beers at happy hour prices).

Singing is compulsory

As its our last week here in Bonterra, we managed to meet up with quite a few of the pals we’ve made over the past couple of years. The songs were of our generation and we all had fun. The group as usual were brilliant, but I will add that the crowd singing was a little loud and raucous especially from our table, however, the Mexican Wave would have scored a 10 from Len…. but hey, we all had a fantastic time.

Fräulein Lyn
Mike and Lyn at full throttle
Graham and Linda have been photobombed
Cheers Sandra and Paul !
Ray and Dawn
‘One more for the road’
The drinking song
Don’t ask!
Like my jug juggling…?

Not much else to say but thanks to the guys playing who were as always fantastic and to the supporters for a wonderful evening.


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