Lazy Sunday

I had every intention of having a lazy Sunday today, however, it hasn’t turned out quite as expected.

We had the boys overnight, so were woken up about 6:30am by 2 wide awake grandchildren, how do they have so much energy first thing in the morning? It’s like the batteries have been recharged and they are on full speed.

Breakfast means home-made Nutella pancakes (Nigella’s recipe), I have worked out a cunning plan and have a jar of instant mix ready, all I need to do is add the wet ingredients. Works every time. I’ll post the recipe here soon.

We then played The Logo Game and Don’t Panic for a couple of hours until they were picked up as Harry was going to play in a football match.

I’ve wanted to pickle some red cabbage for Christmas, so this was a great opportunity to make it while I have the time. Got a great recipe off the internet and then got carried away and pickled some 1kg of veg. I noticed that I also had a glut of red onions which had been in the fridge for about 2 weeks so decided to slice these up and pickle them… we will be pickled out by the end of new year – methinks…. There is also 3 jars of home-made pickled onions and a couple of jars of chutney in the larder, just in case….. I better get some ‘Andrews’ salts in for emergencies…

2 (purple) jars of red cabbage, 1 (pink) jar of red onions, 1 (large) jar of pickled vegetables ready for Christmas

Once we’d cleared up, we decided to finally stop and vegetate for the afternoon. We have a collection of Christmas Movies and watch them every year. But here is the conundrum, is it too early for the likes of Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually or it’s A Wonderful Life let alone White Christmas….?  Well, I confess I’ve already watched White Christmas once this year, and it’s the law that you can’t watch Love Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life until at least the 21st December with tissues at the ready…. It gets me every year.

So we opted for Mama Mia, I know what you are thinking…. that’s not a Christmas Movie but it’s a great feel good Sunday-afternoon-slob-about-on-the-sofa-movie… good for any time of the year. Still cried at the point that Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried sing ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’.. such a softie.

Which one to choose?

Wasn’t Strictly good this weekend, but what a shock to have Danny and Oti in the dance off. It was a shame to see Claudia and AJ go out, but IMHO I think the right 3 couples are in the final. I think it is going to be hard to choose between them all. But good luck to all three couples, it has been a brilliant series this year.

Mike put the boys single bed on gumtree today and this evening we got a call to ask if they could see it and pick it up? We agreed, and they arrived and collected it at 9:30pm tonight. We have bought new bunk-beds for the boys room which is due to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday so we are glad the old bed has disappeared.

Nothing much else to do except make a lovely mug of hot chocolate with all the trimmings and finish our lazy Sunday.

Goodnight…. zzzzzz


I didn’t realise it was dribbling…




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