Le Shuttle, Bacon Baps and Hamilton…

Woke up at dark o’clock this morning, the van was freezing so we whacked the heating up and while Mike was doing his ablutions I cleared away the bedding and suddenly realised I couldn’t wear the top I wore yesterday as I had a big stain on it, so down to 9 x t-shirts now before washing or retail therapy….

The first rip off of the day was in the UK. We had a bacon bap (well that was the description) from the terminal, 2 x stale cold bacon baps and 2 x cold coffees = £13.85… certainly not up to St David’s standards, I’m sure I wouldn’t have many orders if this was served at Arkwrights… it was nearly enough to turn me vegetarian but I will survive.

Definitely not up to Arkwright standards… not even buttered.

We arrived at Le Shuttle early, it was an easy and quick commute from the camp site, check in was a cinch, the kiosk recognised our number plate and we just answered a couple of questions on a touch screen and on through to passport control.

“Which way?” Mike said when the boards told us to proceed to gate 2. “Errrr… To France maybe….”

“Which Way?”
Boarding Le Shuttle
Under the Channel – how much water is above us???
Bonjour France

35 mins later we were in Calais, and on the road South to Rouen, Mike took first shift for 2 hours driving along the autoroute and then we swapped over and I took the next shift…. why though when it’s my turn we end up going through tunnels and cities? It was very quiet in the van as we negotiated Rouen around the city, through an industrial estate and over and around intersections (spaghetti junction springs to mind), however we kept our cool and carried on, only once nearly missing the turn off. Smiling sweetly and asking if I was OK, Mike said I did really well….!!!! No answer…

The road to Ruin … sorry Rouen

Back on the autoroute, we had 265 miles to go and we had to be in Le Mans before 7pm, time approaching 2.30pm, Sharon Hamilton hit the pedal and burnt that tarmac leaving the others in our wake. … well we are going to Le Mans after all..

We managed to get to Le Mans at 5.30pm and easily found tonight’s stop. A decent camp site called Le Pont du Romain costing €17 euros including electrics, showers and facilities, the lady was nice and welcoming. She said we could choose any pitch and that there were still some hard standings left. So after pitching up we settled down for the night had some home made soup and fresh bread and planned for tomorrow.

Just hoping that we can outrun the rain that has persisted all day today, but we have noticed that it is getting warmer, so there’s a bonus.

Just for information – fuel cost €55 and Tolls – €56

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  1. Pam says:

    From one tin can to another (the inside of Le Shuttle). Well done both, – still in one piece!! Have a good nights kip and no rain tomorrow (we’ve got it back lol) xxxx

  2. sharon says:

    Oh dear Pam, have you grown gills yet? 🐡 we have got over the scary bit and are enjoying the travel now. Had a great couple of days motoring but we will be glad to stop after tomorrow when we get to Linda and Ian’s. Vera is behaving herself and the places we have seen are lovely. We finally found the sun today too.

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