New Year, New Beginnings…

Firstly, is it OK to wish you all a Happy New Year still? I’m never quite sure when it’s too late to do so. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmastime. I know we did, when we arrived back in the UK we spent the festive period in Brighton with family, letting everyone do all the cooking and prep for a change, it did feel weird but very relaxing. We also had a big get together with all the family for my eldest (Chris) 40th birthday, about 28 of us went to a restaurant and had a meal, it was good evening and we all enjoyed the night.

We left after Christmas and it was great to arrive home again after all the time away. It felt in the end as though we hadn’t been home since end of February 2018 (to be honest apart from the 10 days when we finished at St David’s we haven’t 🤔).

So what’s been happening since the New Year? Well, there were no decorations to clear away so it seemed a bit flat cos I love all the deccy bits. There was no left over foods, like Turkey, hams etc for me to make up freezer leftovers such as Turkey and ham pies with hot water crust pastry, this was some thing made last year with the leftovers and it went down really well. Or the ubiquitous Turkey curry that Mike loves, so shopping it was to be. I found a lovely recipe in Jamie’s Comfort recipe book (the ultimate shepherds pie). We had invited our neighbours in for a catch up and to thank them for looking after the place in our absence. This is definitely next level cooking. Instead of using common old mince, with this shepherds pie you roast a shoulder of lamb… yep you heard right a shoulder of lamb. Check out the recipe here. It was super delicious and was a great success, in fact Mike stated that it is his new favourite meal.

We have had a couple of family meals with Chris and Laura and the grandchildren and have had the boys over for sleepovers and a “Games Day” which entailed all the board games coming out and the Wii being gainfully employed again. Games Day starts at 9am and finishes at 7pm after supper. We played everything from snakes and ladders to bingo, from Wii sports to Wii university.  It was great fun and the boys loved it.

Part One of Sweet Pea Cal

I have got the knitting bug again, having neglected it whilst we were away. I noticed on one of the blogs I follow, Lucy at”Attic 24″ was starting a CAL (crochet along), it looks great as it is inspired by sweet peas, now these are my favourite flowers so it was a forgone conclusion that I would try it out.

As the yarn bundle fell miraculously into my basket I knew this was going to be exciting and would give me the impetus to get all things hooky again.

There are 15 shades in the Sweet Pea yarn pack to design two different blankets, The Posy blanket is a medley of colours inspired by the bunches of sweet peas and the Colourwash is a sweep of the colours from bottom to top. This is to look like the growth of the sweet peas, from the green shoots through to the flowers. Marvellously happy colours in these dull dreary January days.

Part one was the first 30 rows, I have chosen to do the Posy colourway, I love the way the blanket is taking shape, it makes me so happy watching it grow with the green shoots peeking throuh the blooms.

Close up showing stitch pattern

Part 2 starts today, and once I finish this post I shall be sneaking back to the wonderful hookiness of it all.

Blooming flower cushion

In between the Sweet Pea CAL I have learnt another stitch and am really excited about how it’s going to turn out. It’s called a ‘blooming flower cushion’ and it’s put together with odd bits of scrap or left over wool. Hope you like it. I’m waiting for the round cushion pads that fell into the Amazon basket last night. Then I can finish this WIP.

Close up
Reverse of cushion

This year my aim is to finish all WIP’s.  Well that’s all for now. Hope you are all ok. We look forward to seeing you soon.










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  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    Wow, the colours are amazing!
    Will be on touch soon
    Sarah x

  2. Dave Griffin says:

    Never mind sweet peas what about my bloody socks ! xx Griffo

    1. sharon says:

      Ha ha, haven’t forgotten them, but got a slight problem at moment. Will tell you when we see you. Have got the wool at least. Xxx
      Look forward to seeing you both.

      1. Mike Thomas says:

        Dave, they were (Oh sorry “are”) Yummy – ‘make sound of licking lips’

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