Over to the Gentle Side

We left St Ives and the dramatic north coast this morning and made our way through the outskirts of Truro and checked in at Merrose Farm (St Mawes). Our last holiday spent at Merrose was in the middle noughty’s (around 2005-2008)  and we wondered if it would have changed a lot.

We said hello to our friends Jane & Macky and headed for Charlestown, a Georgian Harbour. Another filming location on the list,  In Poldark, Charlestown was used as the setting for the Truro harbour scenes.

We managed to park easily enough and were joined by another motorhome who parked adjoining us. The sun was shining and the blue skies were dotted with fluffy clouds, some were tinged with grey so we had to get around just in case.

Two tall ships complete with rigging were moored in the wet dock. One of these ships was bedecked with poppies as Remberence Sunday is coming up. It looked resplendent in the sunshine and very photogenic.


Poldark Film Location but with Poppies and modern machinery…
Tall Ship Resplendent in Poppies

There were still quite a few holiday makers about, so the cafes and eating places were buzzing. We looked into one of the quay side eateries and loved the look of the menu, however it was a bit early and I knew we had supper ready in the van.


We checked out the iphones to see if there were any geocaches in Charlestown, surely there would be a couple?. There are and we found them.

After wandering around the little town (village), and admiring the sweet little brightly coloured cottages, we came back to site. But not before spotting this notice on a bike and sidecar.


Brilliant – Want one!!!


It was early afternoon and we thought we might be able to drive down to St Mawes and catch the ferry across to Falmouth. We parked again easily enough at the council car park.

We walked across to the harbour noticing that the tide was out but on the turn, we couldn’t work out where the ferry would park (if that is the term, which I don’t think it is). We read the notices on the ticket office and worked out that the winter timetable was now in force. After speaking to the harbour master we decided that we wouldn’t have had enough time in Falmouth, so would come back another day.

We meandered down the river front and looked at all the quirky little cottages and this became the challenge for photographs.

A couple of geocaches to find of course, then back to site to prepare supper. The sunset was spectacular tonight and I managed to get some lovely photographs. Later we are going over to our friends for a couple of drinks and a catch up.


Sunset at Merrose Farm



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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Just great! Your blog and the photos keep getting better and better. You are really making us want to follow in your footsteps! xx

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. It’s been really great on the roadtrip and we are now getting to grips with Vera and her idiosyncrasies.

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