Pilgrimage to Padstow

Left Trewethett and Tintagel and continued our travels through Cornwall. Through pretty villages and majestic wind farms.

We thought we would revisit Padstow, previously visited in about 2004. As we entered the top of the village there was a sign for Park & Ride, do use it if you go, because it only cost £4 and a free bus ride into the harbour. They let us park the Motorhome on hard standing next to the buses. The shuttle bus is every 10 mins and is well used. Large Tesco is next to P&R so we’d stock up on our return – handy.

Once into Padstow or as it is affectionately called (or not!) Padstein… The prices of everything almost doubles. The bustling centre is set around a busy working harbour with the ubiquitous high end shops selling everything from Pasties to Paintings.

We should have gone to Chough Bakery but impatience led us off the beaten track as the queue was huge. We shuffled our way like lemmings through the tiny streets following Steins Pilgrims to shops such as Steins patisserie (patisseries range from £7-£20 each!)  Steins Restaurant (3 course special £195) Steins Fish & Chip Shop and Steins this and that shops in abundance and to cap it all he has a book signing in one of the many book shops on 3rd November. Now I like Rick Stein (got all his books you know and met him once too..) , but you can get too much of a good thing.

Lunch time – we found 3 pasty shops in a row and decided on the one with the biggest queue which was a reasonable wait having forgotten about Choughs bakery. We chose steak and ale pasties and then went and sat on the harbour to eat them. We were serenaded by a crooner who was pretty good and obviously had an eye for the ladies as his voice and eyes twinkled as they walked by. Some elderly lady danced her way passed him as he sang  ‘The Wonder of You’, then giggled like a giddy schoolgirl as he directed his song to her. Lovely.

The Padstow Pasty however was not lovely and we could only rate it a 2/10. And it only got a 2 because it was cooked and hot. Yuck. It’s still repeating on me. We had to take the tast away by buying a portion of chips. Which were nearly £3 a pop by to be fair were lovely.

We went into a gallery which sold paintings, cards, prints etc.. Some really nice ones that I thought might look good back home so we meandered around the shop, again lots of people jostling around, then I saw a couple of cards that I thought would look nice framed, took them to the counter only to be told that I had to buy 10 for £7 !!! We left …

After walking around the harbour a bit more, we passed more pilgrims queuing outside Rick Steins Fish & Chip Restaurant and Takeaway.

We caught the bus back to the Motorhome and continued to the next site (Treamble Valley).

Outside one of Rick Steins Restaurants at start of day
Children crabbing from the Quay
A Crooner while we eat Pasties
Pilgrims queue at Rick Steins Fish & Chip Shop


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