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23rd March 2018

Having lost nearly 3 stone this year through diet and exercise, I have started jogging and having seen the sport relief website I noticed that they were advertising that you could jog, walk, run etc different steps challenges. I chose the Kilimanjaro challenge which involved walking/jogging 58,987 steps which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

I started about 5.45am on Friday 23rd March and began counting the steps on the fitbit. I was working all day, so obviously the steps would continue to increase during the day, but I had to jog in between work.

I ran around the site for most of the day. In the morning first thing the members were cheering me on loudly and enthusiastically, but after the 500th time they were just looking through the caravan windows probably thinking oh here she goes again. ….. ha ha

I finally finish the task at 5.30pm to a loud cheer. Everyone on site (bearing mind that there was only about 10 vans on site) supported me tremendously and helped me raise £107 for Sport Relief.

Thanks everyone..

My Bolt pose


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  1. A nne Hardy says:

    You are a star Queen Bee! XX

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