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A life on the ocean waves…

Being that Monday is our only day off this week and I had a doctors appointment, plus we needed to do the banking in Haverfordwest you can imagine how we felt when we woke up to beautiful blue skies and a forecast of hot weather for the day.

Ahoy there Captain…

I said perhaps when we finish that we could go on a boat trip. So we popped into Thousand Island Boat Trips in St David’s and asked if there were any spaces on the afternoon boat around Ramsey? There was, so we booked and rushed around doing the shopping and banking in town. We quickly came back to site to throw everything in its rightful place and grabbed the cameras, jumped into the car and drove to St Justinian’s, spontaneously…. There were no spaces left at the top of the hill so we went into the car park, and started panicking as we only had 3 x new £1 coins and the machine only took old £1 coins, of course that wasn’t indicated anywhere and the ticket machine just kept throwing out the coins …. grrrrr…… We did manage to find some old ones in the coin box in the car thank heavens (I won’t forget that again)..

the ruins

We rushed back down to the old life boat station where the jetty is to catch the boats, phew… we were in time, as the boat was a little late coming in.

old and new lifeboat stations

The sun was really hot and we didn’t need jackets as were boarded the Gower Ranger and sped across the water to Ramsey Island. The guide informed us about the Bitches and Whelps, which is a reef that juts out of the island, at high tide, the water on one side of the reef can be over a metre higher than the other. There is a venturi effect created around the reef and can easily be seen.

As we came into a little cove there were other rib boats waiting in line to watch a herd of seals lying on the beach sunbathing, and a couple swimming in the bay. Quite inquisitive creatures and not afraid of humans; they watched us as we watched them.

Herd of seals basking in the sunshine

We went around the south of the island where the rocks are hard Ignatius rock rising from the water, we went into the bays and around the rock stacks, and were told stories of giants throwing temper tantrums and this is why there is a huge rock here and there. All good fun and the rocks did resemble heads and faces in some positions so you can see why the myths and legends arise.

Gower Ranger a full throttle

Full throttle now and the boat is soaring through the water, we were battling against the tide. The wind was strong but still warm and fresh. It was exhilarating and everyone screamed as the spray hit us hard in the face. As we looked up at the high rocks which were covered in guano we were told that 2 weeks ago the cliffs which are over 80 metres tall were covered in guillemots who had built their nests on the smallest of ledges and reared their young, but they have all gone now and won’t come back until next year. Apparently there are thousands of these beautiful seabirds and their eggs are usually all different colours and markings so the parents know exactly which egg is theirs…. amazing

We came around and saw St David’s Head, Carn Llidi and our Whitesands Bay in the distance. Then we went into the biggest cave on the island. As we went through a curtain of dripping water the aquamarine water shone in the dark, above our heads the rock shone with a gold colour, unfortunately, I couldn’t hear what the guide was saying about the rocks but it looked like gold nuggets and that’s what I shall believe……

St David’s Head, Carn Llidi and Whitesands Bay

Back out of the dark cave and into blinding light we came and the trip was almost over, just a couple of bays with more basking seals and I spotted a dophin’s fin as it leaped into the air. We watched the kittiwakes, terns and other seabirds diving, twisting and turning acrobatically in the air.

Rushing back across the water we got wet once again, all squealing and laughing as it the waves and spray hit the decks. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Getting Ready to Disembark…

There’s only one problem with St Justinian’s…. it’s at the bottom of the hill and there are so many steps to get back up….

it’s a long way back up…

Too early to go back, we came into St David’s, parked the car and wandered down to The Bishop’s Pub, this is our ‘local’ while we are working here. The food is consistently good and the atmosphere is great. We know most of the staff and always get a warm welcome. Today, was no exception and we took our table 13 which as any followers know is called The Bitches, so the usual photograph has to be taken….

I had a wonderful meal of Solva Crab Salad and Mike chose the Boar Burger and we had a couple of pints of Double Dragon. Yummy as usual..

A Pint of Double Dragon always hits the spot

Not really wanting to come back to site just yet, we walked up through the High Street and stood in line for a Gianni’s Ice Cream. I had Raspberry Dodge …. OMG… gorgeous… a new one that I hadn’t tried before and Mike had Rum and Raisin, the ice cream is wonderful and we sit on the bench eating and watching the world go by in the hot sun.

What a wonderful day off ….. Looking forward to the next one as we have the 6 weeks of school holidays with the site full every day off will need to be savoured.


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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Hot on the heels of the previous blog…….this is a great one too! The tendency to finish the day with a visit to the pub for food and liquid treats has not escaped my notice!!! On this occasion after that tough climb back up to Mr. Moustaches, I think it’s justified!! Just a question for you……how did you manage to take a picture of the boat if you were in it??? Just curious…… Love the pictures of you and Mike at the pub!

    1. sharon says:

      Ha ha ha…. 🤣 I got out Anne, trod water and waited till it went past… not QB for nothing you know

      1. Anne Hardy says:

        An answer for everything; yes, that’s why you are the Queen Bee!! Haa Haa!

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