Sun, Sand & Surfers

As we arrived at Godrevy club site we were greeted by old friends Jane and Macky with whom we worked at Hillhead in Brixham (Torquay) in 2012. Such a lovely surprise as we are due to visit them at Merrose Farm.

Once settled on pitch we decided to walk the dunes which are huge and end in great cliffs which surprised us immensely. We turned right and walked along the dunes until we found some steps, however, they were so steep and half worn away (remember we are talking cliff face here) that my vertigo kicked in. I got down 3 steps and froze. I couldn’t move up or down. So carefully we turned around. Now I will say that this process would have looked priceless to anyone watching but to me it was excruciating.

Once on the top of the dunes again we walked further towards Godrevy lighthouse and a car park. Here there was a path that led down to the beach (the cliffs giving way to banks).

We watched the waves getting larger as the tide came in (fast) and as it did more and more surfers were arriving, riding the waves this way and that. Age doesn’t matter we saw someone clearly in their 60s-70s and children from about 4 years old adeptly ride their surf boards.

Snap, snap, snap, went the cameras, as we tried desperately to capture what our eyes could see. The heady mixture of the turquoise waves with the white surf tops together with the bluest sky I’d ever witnessed in the UK was incredibly exciting. It’s no wonder the area is a magnet for artists. I promised myself to buy a set of paints as soon as we return home and set to (it’ll never happen of course).

Finally we came back to site as we had booked a table at the Red River Inn in Gwithian. Again it is a bit of a walk taking us around 30 mins from site through dunes and a campsite but the walk was worth it.

The pub looks like an old station but we couldn’t confirm that. Mike had Prawn Linguine and I had Sirloin Steak, both meals were excellent, the steak was the probably the best I’d tasted in a long long time, beautifully cooked.

We tried the Sail Ale which is from a local microbrewery. Very light, fruity and quite strong.

After the meal we walked back to the campsite retracing our footsteps through the dunes but this time in the dark. Don’t forget it is Halloween so Mike did his best at scaring me along the way.

Finally back to site and we were invited for more drinkies with our friends, so spent the rest of the evening enjoying more wine and loads of chat.

This is turning out to be one great holiday…..


Godrevy Lighthouse
Surfboards at the Ready
Youngsters showing their Skills
Riding the Waves
Riding the Waves II






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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Wow…another great day for you both. Sorry to hear about the vertigo fright, hope you are ok now. The local ale will have calmed you and the good food. Have a fun night with your friends. xx

    1. Thanks Anne, yes I’m fine. The ale helped of course.

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