Talented Crafters

There are some very talented around and on Saturday the annual Bonterra Park Christmas Crafters market event was on.

Linda’s cards

I was asked to join Team Linda, who is so talented, not only is she a lovely lady, she makes stunning jewellery, is an amazing artist and makes the most beautiful cards. Anyway, I was asked if I would help on the stall to sell her wares, now anyone who knows me, will know that I will sell ice to the eskimos. So armed with our boxes of cards and jewellery, Linda, Lyn and I set up the stall and waited for the throng to appear.

Team Linda

The morning went well and there was a good attendance. I went to look at the other stall holders, and was wowed at the talent of these people. When you think that the cake lady baked all of those cakes in a tiny oven in the awning and decorated them. Carol who sold the bags brings her sewing machine and all the material from the UK and makes them on site and to order…! There’s a man who paints beautiful pictures of the area, and many others. So much talent around.

Amazing cakes
Spider, scorpion and ant jewellery
Handmade bowls made from rope
Inlaid boxes
Original Watercolours
Look at all those bags!!!

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  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    You can’t beat a good craft sale. Everything looks really impressive. I love the colours used for the cakes.
    I think you should have your own sale next year
    Lots of love
    Sarah x

  2. sharon says:

    Ha ha… I wondered if anyone would say something like that. Oh they were so yummy too Sarah. X

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