Thomas’s vs Food….

We have been in Brighton on the last leg of the tour meeting up with family and friends. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to see as many as hoped but we will be back in the New Year (OMG it’s that word, where did this year go?).

Now what did I mean about Thomas’s vs Food? Get this, on Tuesday night we  went to a Thai restaurant and ended up having a bit of a blow out cos it was rather scrumptious.

Then on Wednesday we were picked up from site by Antony and Heba had cooked a lovely supper (another blow out).

On Thursday we met up with best friends Sue and Irvin and caught up with all the news and told them about our adventures. They treated us to dinner at Wetherspoons in Brighton Marina, getting rather bloated by then. Started to drink ‘Andrews‘ when we got back to the van.

Friday we thought that we’d have a good free day…We walked down to the Marina and watched ‘Fantastic Beasts‘ which opened in cinemas today. It was really good, but needs to be watched again to pick up on the little nuances that you miss first time round. Go see it, great film.

That evening our friends Elizabeth and Martin collected us from site after asking us to go out to dinner with them, how could we refuse? We arrived at the Marina and they told us about the Snow Dogs. The magical sculpture trail features 44 giant Snowdog sculptures, inspired by the much loved animated short film, The Snowman™ and The Snowdog 

After we eaten dinner at Wetherspoons (menu not required!), and caught up with more news and goss. We walked around the Marina and found 3 of the Snow Dogs and took the obligatory photographs with them. We had great fun messing around. Check out this link for location details of Snow Dogs.

‘Bow Wow’Snow Dog tribute to David Bowie
‘Bone China’ Snow Dog
Brighton Rock ‘Rocco’ celebrates Brighton in all its glory

As we walked back to the car we noticed The Traditional Blue Christmas Octopus with Santa in his tentacles… now I must have missed this Christmas story but it was there in all his tentacular glory. Ha ha…

The Traditional Christmas Octopus…

They kindly drove us back to the site where Vera was waiting nice and comfy cosy ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Saturday and looking at the weather forecast it seems that the weather for tomorrow is Grim (with a capital ‘G’). Apparently the first storm of 2017 called Storm Angus is hitting the south tomorrow, so we are packing up today and traveling back today instead of tomorrow.

So we are meeting up with Antony and Heba for lunch at… yes you guessed it… ‘Wetherspoons’ at the Marina… ha ha ha!! The reason is that it’s easy to park, reasonable prices and pretty good food. So Wetherspoons here we come one more time.  I guess they will have our usual table ready!!!!!!!!

I’ve likened these past few days as being similar to the Christmas episode of The Vicar of Dibley when Dawn French had to go around to her parishioners having Christmas dinner with each of them …

Full as we are, we’ve loved meeting up with everyone. Just got to go on one MEGA DIET next week.

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Love your likening it to “The Vicar of Dibley”….all those nice meals out! You will miss it when you’re back behind the counter at Arkwrights wondering what to make for supper after a hard day’s slog! As I have said….I will miss your witty blog and the photos accompanying it. Thanks for sharing your fun trip in Vera with us. xx

    1. Hi Anne. Thank you for your comments and so pleased you’ve enjoyed it. I shall put bits on as I think fit so check in occasionally to see mutterings. You’re right about wondering what to cook when we get back to site. Ha ha!! I’ve really enjoyed writing it though. Xx

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