Weird Weather Walk


Went for a walk today around St David’s Head, we left the site in thick fog, but 500 metres up the road we were in brilliant sunshine…. bizarre.

The Bouy house
Looking over to Ramsey Island through the fog
The wild horses
Porthmelgan beach (notice the fog roll in the distance).
Other side to Porthmelgan Beach from St David’s Head with Cairn Llidi in the background
Fogbow… (courtesy of Anne) and yes there is such a phenomenon…

What is a fogbow? As the name might suggest, a fogbow is the name given to a phenomenon created by the same process of refraction and reflection that creates rainbows, but formed instead by the water droplets in fog, mist or cloud, rather than raindrops.

Weird weather….



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  1. A nne Hardy says:

    More great pics! Esp the fog bow!! This is such a wonderful unspoiled place… whatever the weather.

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