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As you may be aware we purchased a new moho in February. After lots of delays and aggravation we finally collected Vera II in September. She is a Chausson Welcome 630. To say we are delighted with her is an understatement.  After a few modifications and once the snagging list has been dealt with she will be a fantastic van. The one thing we disliked about the moho was the enormous fixed table. Removing it has given us so much room. Him indoors managed to put together a table which can be used outside or in and weighs half what the original did. So win win all round. Just like to thank Sarah and Dave for their kind donation of the base and their ideas, without their help I’m not sure we would have done this.

Ready for our adventures
Just leaving Rookesbury for the Port

Today, once again, we are on the brink of our adventures. Again this year we decided to head for Spain. But unlike last year when we caught the train through the tunnel to Calais, then the long journey through France, this year we thought we’d try the Portsmouth to Santander ferry.  A 24hr crossing through the Bay of Biscay, seems a good idea when you’re sitting in the awning 4 month’s before sailing during one of the hottest summer’s  on record. But today we are staring at that same ferry thinking “heck, what have we done?”…. I keep saying to Mike (who is feeling sea-sick just thinking about 24hrs on it), “think of the days and mileage we will be saving,” but somehow that sentence is not filtering through…

Added to which there is now a 5hr delay in sailing due to a medical evacuation… let’s not dwell on any negatives today though.

Waiting on a ferry pitch at Rookesbury

We pitched last night at Rookesbury in Fareham, Hampshire. Ready to catch the ferry. It is lovely to be here again as it bring a back many fond memories. Before joining the club as wardens we used to come here with Max our oldest grandson. Many a happy weekend was spent here introducing Max to the joys of camping. It’s a great site with plenty to do for the kids. Next to the site is Bere Woods. With good walks, pathways and great for cycling.

Autumn cooiurs
Chestnut husks remind me of curled up hedgehogs

We’ve walked around the site today and found some fly agaric, deadly poisonous but beautiful to photograph, the weather is playing silly games too, with brilliant blue skies one minute then hail-stones the size of golf balls the next.

Fly agaric
So pretty yet so deadly

Before leaving home we purchased on a whim (as you do) a Ramoska, just the standard size. It was quite expensive at £149.99 and only available at Lakeland, but we decided that it might be useful. So far all we’ve cooked are cheese toastie, these were yummy but a lesson has been learnt that the bread must not be weight-watchers malted, which is a bit of a shame cos that’s mine. Oh well, full fat bread from now on.

Time now to pack up the van and leave for the ferry at Portsmouth. So speak to you on board… Bon voyage.





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  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    So pleased you are on your way! Glad the table modifications worked out and hope you get on ok with the Remoska – it does great jacket potatoes!
    We will look forward to postings.
    Sarah x

  2. sharon says:

    Table is great, so glad we took the other out. And the Ramoska is fab, did a chicken paella/risotto in it tonight. Yummy scrumptious. Xxx

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